Having a #Tinker

Words and stuff

Utilising Terraform Resource Attributes

TL;DR Using Terraform Outputs, Data Sources and Resource Attributes as inputs

Facter with a custom paintjob

How to create a simple yet effective Custom Fact

Mac OS X Nirvana at Scale

Managing a Mac OS X fleet in an enterprise environment

Cloudformation Trickery

Working with Cloudformation mappings, Conditionals and AWS Certificate Manager

Make Puppet Agnostic Again!

A couple of things I've learnt while trying my hand at writing Puppet modules.

AWS Elasticsearch Service Woes

Things worth knowing when setting up an AWS Elasticearch cluster

Documentation is Key

A small write up on the importance of documentation

Sensu Checks and Credentials

How to tackle Sensu checks that require credentials

Testing via CircleCi

Configured a very basic test to apply during my build/deploy process via CircleCi

When Pelican met CircleCi

A cheeky write up about how this blog is deployed to S3 via the use of CircleCi.

Tackling the glibc vulnerability

While patching the glibc exploit was a ballache, here's a few positives/learings I've taken away from it.

My Pelican experience so far

A few things I came across while initially setting up Pelican